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Permanent Makeup


Microblading is not a "new" procedure, it just seems to have developed a new name recently.

   It is simply a hand "hairstroke" method that has been practiced for decades. With a hand method, a technician can more easily control the depth of the needle grouping which allows the pigment to stay a bit closer to the surface of the skin keeping hairstrokes looking sharper than they may if a machine is used to go deeper into tissue causing a "blurred out" effect over time. 

Microblading can be used in combination with a "shading" technique to create soft natural looking brows. 

   Please note:

Microblading is NOT "SEMI" PERMANENT. Don't be fooled, there is no such thing. It is still considered "Permanent Makeup" because pigment is being implanted into the dermis. Though microblading color will most likely fade faster than a deeper penetrating method, the pigment molecule, (iron oxide), still remains in the dermis. 

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